5 tips to engage with your social media followers

How do you feel when someone comments on your latest social media posts? “Little happy dance and gives self pat on the back?” Yep us to! That feeling doesn’t get old – it feels good and we want it more. But how do we get it?

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1)    Ask questions:

Questions can be a great way of finding out valuable information about your audience and everyone likes to feel like their opinion matters.  Your questions can be fun, silly, thought provoking or feedback seeking.  Questions elicit a response. If someone we know asks us a question we’d be pretty rude not to respond. On social the more engaging and relevant people find your question the higher the response is likely to be. And questions aren’t just for openers, if someone comments on your post try and respond with more than a “thank-you”, questions can keep the conversation alive – maybe try:  Did you enjoy x?  What was the most useful tip?

2)    Get visual

It’s been proven time and time again, posts with good quality images out perform posts without images on every metric.

We like ‘Canva’ for our social media images. It is a free tool that automatically optimises the size and resolution of your image for your chosen platform.  If you don’t have an original image to use there are plenty of templates and free stock images. Or why not try video? It outperforms static images and easier to create than you might think. We love videoshop Short and sweet is best, anything more than about 20 seconds and people move on to the next thing.

3)    Be sociable

Try to set 20 min aside each day to engage.  Treat yourself to a good coffee and enjoy your ‘water cooler’ moments – Its actually become one of my favourite parts of social media. Like most other things in life, the more you do it the easier and more natural it becomes!

What do we mean by ‘engage’? Simply that you need to start chatting with your audience. There are always some common comments and questions we get, and your business is probably the same.  Do these types of comments resonate?

“Thanks for sharing…”

“Love this idea”

“Any tips or ideas on how I can….”

“I’m definitely going to try…”

Next time instead of saying:

“Thanks” or “Good to hear”  Why not add a little more emotion and energy into the response, perhaps

“wow  – awesome idea (gif)”

“You rock, thanks for reading our blog post (emoji)”

“Thanks for sharing the love”

“Can’t wait to hear how it goes, will you keep us posted?..(gif)

To save myself some time I have a folder of my favourite GIFs for popular types of responses. This way, I can grab and use them quickly without having to search.

Let yourself have some fun, try and live the energy of your brand through your words and style of writing.

4)    Find the perfect partner

Collaboration, co-marketing , call it what you will,  but the results will be Win-Win.  Approach people that have complimentary audience profiles to yourself but different areas of expertise. If you’re a yoga expert perhaps you could collaborate with a nutritionist?  Or if you’re a mummy blogger maybe you could collaborate with a family travel company or e-safety blogger?  Think about what topics your audience is interested in and see if you can find someone happy to collaborate where you can add mutual value.


5)    Add value

Think about how you can add value to your audience.  Don’t know, then throw the question out there….”For next weeks webinar/tweetchat would you like to hear about/talk about x, y or z” and run a poll. That way when you deliver the content, you know you have the subject matter just right.

  1. Don’t be shy…! (Bonus Tip)

Put a face to the name, people buy from people and are much more likely to engage if they see the face behind the brand. Get in front of the camera and introduce yourself.

What’s your top tip to increase engagement?

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